• The theatre will be designed with 2 mobile stages.
  • 4 rooms with simultaneous translation.
  • VIP lounge for magic society presidents.
  • VIP space for chairpeople and special congress delegates.
  • Large space for dressing rooms and storing materials.
  • Vehicle access to the stage and stands.
  • Wi-Fi throughout the venue.
  • Air-conditioning.

Pavilion 2:

8,000 m2, will be used for the dealer area. It is important to note that it is necessary to go through this pavilion to access the other pavilions.

Pavilion 4:

9,000 m2, where a theatre will be set up with tiered stands with capacity for 4,500 people and 2 mobile stages. This allows competitors to prepare their performance while the preceding competitor is performing, in order to reduce waiting times between competitors to the minimum needed for the jury to score the performance. It is also important to note that vehicles can go right up to the stage, which is hugely helpful for unloading material.

Pavilion 1:

3,000 m2; will accommodate 7 restaurants with international cuisine and capacity for 1,600 diners.

Pavilion 3:

3,000 m2; will be used for the storage and dressing room area.


Will be the venue for “Close-up magic” on a 230-m2 stage, with dressing rooms for 30 people. Can hold up to 612 people.


This area will be used for presentations and the General Assembly. It can hold 328 people and will be used for the close-up competition, with simultaneous broadcast of the competition being held in auditorium 1.


With capacity for 130 people, equipped with simultaneous translation with capacity for 130 people, equipped with simultaneous interpreting.


Available for all presidents of the FISM magic societies.


The entire venue will of course have Wi-Fi and air conditioning, as well as CCTV for congress delegates in the dealers area and restaurant.
The theatre access doors will stay closed once a competitor has started performing.

Fism Spain 2021 Valladolid Word championship magic magician
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fism 2021, fism spain 2021 valladolid, magic, magician

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